Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Dog
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cute dogAs you endure the hot and humid dog days here in Palm Beach, you should take the opportunity to think about the oral health of your dog. He or she may look spry and happy while running with you on the beach or wrestling with the kids, but their teeth and gums are under constant assault just like yours.

Many people don’t realize that dogs don’t have a special function in their bodies that automatically fights gum disease. So failing to give your dog’s oral hygiene periodic attention could be detrimental to its health. In this article, I’ll quickly layout some of the diseases that are associated with your dog’s dental health and ways that you can keep him or her from being at serious risk.

Doggie Teeth and Gum Diseases

As you’ll see below, some of the oral health diseases that apply to you will also apply to your dog.


This is the first stage of gum disease. It’s caused when plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on your dog’s teeth. The plaque and tartar are produced from food by-products and the bacteria that it attracts is left in your dog’s mouth. These residual by products become plaque first, and then as they harden they become tartar. Your dog’s gums will become reddish and inflamed, and you may notice bad breath. However, she won’t be in any pain. But that’s no reason to wait until the next stage.


There are two stages of periodontitis. The first stage is simply called periodontitis. It’s a furtherance of gingivitis. So your dog’s gums will become more inflamed and pockets of bacteria will begin to form under it’s gums. Your dog’s gum may show signs of bleeding. The second stage of periodontitis is called advanced periodontitis. At this point, your pet’s gums will begin to recede and the bone and ligament structure that hold its teeth in place will weaken. This means that its teeth could become loose or fall out. Your dog will likely experience pain and probably won’t be in the mood to eat or do much else. But if lots of the bacteria enters it’s blood stream, that could lead to organ damage or death.


Stomatitis is a potential extension of the above mentioned diseases. In this case, your pet could have a severe reaction to the plaque. It’s throat could get inflamed. Warning signs include loss of appetite

Tooth Abscess

Another issue that gum disease could cause in your pet is a tooth abscess. This is caused when the root of the tooth becomes infected. Now, the tooth could run into an issue because of gum disease, but your dog could have its tooth cracked or damaged in other ways which could also lead to a tooth abscess. Either way, there will be bacteria, pus, and swelling in your dog’s mouth


As with humans, there are ways to maintain the oral health of your pet. But unfortunately, you can’t simply direct her to the bathroom and hand her a tooth brush. You’ll have to get involved. First, you can purchase a doggie tooth brush and tooth paste from the vet. If you can keep your dog still with teeth exposed, you can attempt to brush their teeth. If possible, try to do it a few times each week. (Note: Do not use human toothpaste for your dog. It could make them sick. The vet will have meat or other flavored pastes that your pet will love.)

Now, if working with the tooth brush is too much of a hassle, then you can use gauze. Wrap it around your finger with a little paste on it and work your finger around your dog’s teeth. Additional ways to help your dog maintain good oral health care include chew toys and cowhide strips. These items will help in the following ways. – reduce plaque build-up – massage their gums – help to reduce stress – help with overall oral wellness.

Of course, for best results, you should take your pet to the vet periodically to get x-rays of it’s mouth taken, as well as a proper teeth cleaning. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Best of luck and have fun.

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How to Treat the Flu
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We live in Coral Springs with practically year round sunshine and swaying palm trees, but that doesn’t make us immune to the aches and pains associated with colds and flus.

The flu in particular is a nasty nemesis that is often dealt with at the Coral Springs walk in clinic, mostly during the Fall and Winter months. While most people can deal with the annoyance of a cold, others must seek medical attention to either prevent the flu or cope with it in the moment.

The flu is caused by a contagious virus called influenza. It only takes one person to start a flu chain that gets passed from person to person. For example, it can be spread by simply shaking someone’s hand. And the person passing it on to you may not be showing any signs of ill health. The flu bug could just be laying low and waiting to make it’s move throughout your system.

If you’re lucky, you may only catch a mild form of the flu. This is usually the case if you get the Type C variety. But if you get the flu types A or B, there could be trouble. These bugs will work their way into your respiratory system.

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Flu Symptoms

I don’t have to tell you about the symptoms of the flu. If you’ve ever had one, you’ve experienced headaches, coughing, sore throat, stuffiness, and more. You might even see vomiting or diarrhea if you’re helping a child through the flu.

Because the flu is like an extreme version of the cold, it can be harmful to certain groups of people. Women who are pregnant, children, and senior citizens could be more susceptible to having severe symptoms. In fact, more than 200,000 are hospitalized annually in the United States as a result of complications from the flu, and many people will die from it.

Flu Treatment
When you think that you have the flu, the first thing you should do is try to limit it’s spreading. If you can, consider staying home. But if you must be around other people, avoid shaking hands with others, put your elbow over your mouth when sneezing, and generally limit contact with other people.

As for your own health, drink lots of fluids, mostly water. Avoid alcohol and tobacco as these can irritate and potentially prolong your condition because they work against your immune system.

Now, if these basic precautions aren’t getting the job done, you’ll need to visit a reputable walk-in clinic in the Coral Springs FL area for treatment. If appropriate, you’ll receive anti-viral medicine to fight the flu bug.

Of course, if you fall into one of the at-risk groups, and want to take preventive measures before the flu virus can severely affect your body, then you can receive that treatment as well.

For Your Health: Choosing a Good Pest Control Company
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Pest problems that may require you to look for assistance from a professional service in Coral Springs crop up every-now-and-then. Choosing a pest control company can be overwhelming.

Do not hurry to make a decision. Think about talking with a number of companies before making your choice. Even when your pest problem is pressing, you should take some time to choose a knowledgeable company with a good reputation and meets your standards. Below are some tips to help you choose a good and reputable pest control company.

Check To See Whether the Company Is Licensed
This should be your first & foremost step when looking for a pest control company. Don’t just believe what they tell you. If they say that they have got a license, they should show you the proof. The requirements for licensing differ from one state to another.

Licensed companies are usually certified by the pesticide regulatory agency of the particular state or are affiliated to that state’s professional pest control association. These organizations can also be contacted to verify the genuineness of the particular pest control company’s license.

Inquire about the Company’s Work Practices
Ask them all the questions that are applicable to you as a client, and don’t forget the one that is related to safety measures employed when dealing with pest infestation. Inquire about the pesticides they make use of, the potential health dangers posed by those pesticides and the precautions that you and your family need to take.

Ask them whether they offer any echo friendly ways of controlling pests. If all your answers are answered confidently by the representative, consider it a green signal. If you’d like to know more about our pest control service in Coral Springs, visit our website at http://pestcontrolcoralspringsfl.net

Check Their Customer Reviews
This is perhaps the most trustworthy source of information regarding a particular product or services. Read through the customer reviews founded on the targeted pest control company’s past services. When it comes to matters as this, neighbors can be of great help. Just try to get some advice from your neighbors so as to be able make the right choice.

Inquire About the Cost of the Services and the Guarantee
You should analyze the price quotations of the different pest control companies so that you are able to choose the company that has the lowest bid. Furthermore, ask them about the guarantee period they are willing to offer. Don’t deal with any company that doesn’t offer any form of guarantee for its services. Don’t forget to ask them what you should or shouldn’t do so as not to void the guarantee.


Does The Company Offer Liability Insurance?
It is very important to ask the company whether they offer any type of liability insurance, that is in case of any pollution-related problems or potential damages caused by or during the process. Many companies offer some amount of coverage in the event of any mishaps during the pest control process. For this reason, you need to be certain about the policies of the company as regards to this issue.

After Analyzing the Company Thoroughly, Sign the Contract
At this point, you have managed to select the good and reputable pest control company which satisfies your expectations as a client. Make sure that you scrutinize the dates pointed out in contract. Study the terms & conditions, especially when it gets to the insurance, guarantee and cancellation policies.

You won’t be able to choose the right company overnight. Narrowing down your options to an appropriate and trusted source requires a great deal of effort and research. If you have any questions, you can contact your state’s pest control association.